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BoV Charter

Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Visitors

All members of the Board are to be actively engaged in Board initiatives and expected to attend the Annual Meeting. Members of the Board will interact with and support the mission and vision of the Department in the following ways:

  1. Provide advice and perspective on current and strategic directions;
  2. Advocate for the Department;
  3. Assist with, identify, and help coordinate development activities;
  4. Perpetuate the Board through active recruitment of new members.

Rules and Procedures of the Board


Full membership involves a renewable three year term appointment that is initiated by invitation from the Head of the Department.
After serving at least one full term on the Board, a member may request emeritus status that allows them to continue to participate in all board activities, but without voting privileges of a full member.

Adding New Members to the Board

New members are added to the Board by invitation from the Head of the Department. Board members and members of the department are encouraged to identify and recruit potential new members in keeping with the protocols established by the membership committee. The Head may invite a prospective member to the Board to participate in its activities and attend the Annual Meeting as a guest of the Board. Following review at the Annual Meeting, the Head in conjunction with the membership and executive committee of the Board will vote on the induction of the prospective member.

The Annual Meeting

All members of the Board are to attend the Annual Meeting. Board members will cover the costs associated with travel and lodging. A member who cannot attend the Annual Meeting of the Board should provide the Head with a note of explanation. The Department will provide all meals and associated hospitality for members during the Annual Meeting.

Officers of the Board

The Board shall have a Chair and Chair-elect and immediate past chair. A new chair-elect will be elected by the Board at the end of each annual meeting and serve a one-year term; after which they will succeed to the chair. After serving as chair, the member will hold the title of immediate past chair for one year. The chair and chair-elect will, in conjunction with the Head of the Department, organize and conduct the annual meetings of the Board. The chair and chair-elect are also responsible for organizing the efforts of the members of the Board during the year. The chair and chair-elect will present an annual report to the Board at the annual meeting, describing their activities and progress toward goals.

A Secretary of the Board will be appointed during the Annual Meeting and is charged with preparing and disseminating minutes of the meeting to all members of the Board. The Secretary is responsible for dissemination of the minutes of all meetings of the Board to its members and to the department.