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Chair of BOV

Dr. Diane Grob Schmidt 2014, 2013, 2012
Dr. W. Warren Schmidt 2011
Dr. Phil Britt 2010
Dr. John Sanders 2009

Committees of the Board

The Board shall have four standing committees, populated from its number:

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Head, chair, chair-elect and chairs of each of the following committees. The Executive Committee plans and monitors activities of the Board over the year; collects committee reports; helps plan the annual meeting of the Board.

The Development Committee

The Development Committee is involved with both identifying and bringing to fruition new sources of development to the department and providing oversight of its use.

Current Committee members: Gerald DeVault (Chair), Eric Eastwood, Harry Harmon, Charles Feigerle

The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee organizes recruiting activities of the Board; collects and disseminates information about prospective new members.

Current Committee members: Warren Schmidt (Chair), Larry Brotherton, Michelle Buchanan, Michael Sepaniak

The Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is a committed group of alumni and friends who serve to promote excellence in the Department.  They serve as advocates and advisors in support of the Department’s students, faculty, staff, and administration, and they work at all times in a collaborative fashion with the Department of Chemistry leadership.  The Advocacy Committee strives to achieve its advocacy mission by:

  1. Providing advice and counsel, where desired, to the Department Head and his/her staff.
  2. Remaining informed of the Department’s trends, programs, and needs, both academic and managerial.
  3. Advocating for and contributing to funding of the Department in support of its critical role as a core academic discipline of the university.
  4. Engaging with other key stakeholders to advocate for the Department’s strategic plan and vision.

Current Committee members: Diane Schmidt (Chair), Marc Strand, Arlene Garrison