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Chemistry Department Held 2010 Honors Day

2010 Honors DayThe Department of Chemistry held 2010 Honors Day Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 29, 2010. Dr. Ed McDaniel, retired Director at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, Tennessee attended as the guest speaker at this annual event.

10 undergraduate awards were given to 13 students and 34 graduate students received 19 graduate awards. Faculty awards, staff awards and several other recognitions were also presented during the ceremony.

First introduced in 1979, Honors Day Awards Ceremony is held annually to recognize outstanding academics, service and teaching in the Chemistry Department. Awards will be given to outstanding undergraduates along with general awards and recognitions for achievement and scholarship. Graduate awards will be given in specific areas of chemistry as well as overall service, teaching, research and merit awards. Exceptional staff members will also be recognized for their service to the department. Members of the faculty will enjoy awards given for their achievements in the way of service, appointments, and prestigious awards.

This year’s speaker is Dr. Ed McDaniel. He came to UT in 1950 as a rising junior from the Junior College of Augusta, GA, and obtained his B. S. in Chemistry, and PhD in Chemistry in 1956.  He was a National Science Fellow during his PhD research in catalysis under the late Professor Hilton Smith.

Upon graduation McDaniel went to work for Tennessee Eastman Company (now Eastman Chemical Co.) in the research laboratories.  He held a number of positions in research including assistant Director of Development, and Assistant Director of Research. He then started a program at Eastman searching for research external to the company to complement the internal research and development efforts.

Besides his achievement in industry, McDaniel has served on the Board of Visitors both in the Chemistry Department and the College of Arts and Sciences of UT. Now retired, he lives in Kingsport and is active in volunteer civic projects.

McDaniel’s speech covered his experiences in industrial research and things that were important to him as he worked his way from bench chemist to research management.

Undergraduate Student Awards

CRC Press General Chemistry Award – Alexandra P. Punke

C.W. Keenan Outstanding General Chemistry Student Award – Burton Mandrell, Anna K. Manneschmidt

Judson Hall Robertson Memorial Award in Analytical Chemistry – Rose E. Johnson

Judson Hall Robertson Memorial Instrumental Analysis Award – Malcolm J. Cochran

C.A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship – Rose E. Johnson, Roger A.E. Wright

D.A. Shirley Award in Organic Chemistry – Victoria N. Hale

Undergraduate Inorganic Award – James R. Humble

East Tennessee Section, ACS, Undergraduate Award – Alicia A. Farrar

Hach Foundation Scholarships – Julia L. Price, Maria Owens

GlaxoSmithKline Undergraduate Fellowship – Anrew W. Hahn

Honors Chemistry Recognition – Benjamin M. Bolin, Benjamin P. Cochran, Sean C. Forrest, Angela Frantz, Collin G. Howser, Britta A. Johnson, Cameron T. Landers, Cheshire Rigler, Jacqueline R. Smartt

Graduate Student Awards

Carol Moulton ACGS Service Award – Traymon Allen, Thomas G. O’Lenick, Carlos A. Steren

D.A. Shirley Graduate Award in Organic Chemistry – Meng M. Rowland

First Year Acheivement Awards – Peng(Jacky) Chen, Vighter O. Iberi, William M. Kochemba, Zhenqian Zhu

Outstanding Teaching Awards – Ashesh S. Belapure, Rachel L. Glazener, Jessica R. Gooding

C.W. Kennan Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award – Rebecca B. Horton

Outstanding Service Awards – Morgan B. McConico-Lewis, Joel G. Putnam, Stephen Gibson

East Tennessee Section, ACS, Graduate Fellow – Christopher P. Bennett

J.C. and Ruth Burger Award in Analytical Chemistry – Jacob N. Fairchild

Judson Hall Robertson Graduate Award in Analytical Chemistry – Deepak Bhandari

Jerome Eastham Graduate Fellowship – Michael P. Quinn

Graduate Award for Acheivement in Inorganic Chemistry – Julia K. C. Abbott

Burchfield Burridge Warner Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry – Thomas G. O’Lenick

Eugene John Barber Fellowship in Chemistry – Meng M. Rowland

Gleb Mamantov Graduate Chemistry Scholar – Tatiana V. Brinzari

Buehler Fellowships – Jessica R. Gooding, Andrew S. Hicks, Belinda S. Lady, Michael E. Peretich

JINS Fellowships – Seth C. Hunter, Paige E. Landry, Dias Linton

International Center of Materials Research, Summer Appointment – Irene E. Abia

Chancellor’s Honors -Extraordinary Professional Promise – Julia K. C. Abbott, Irene E. Abia

SAACS Outstanding T.A. Chemistry Award – Deborah A. Penchoff

Staff Award

Outstanding Service Award – Lisa M. Bonds, Gail Y. Cox

Faculty Awards

SAACS Outstanding Chemistry Professor Award – Dr. T. Ffrancon Williams

Ziegler Professor of Chemistry – Dr. Jan Musfeldt, Dr. Bin Zhao

Chancellor’s Honors
Research and Creative Achievement – Dr. Jan Musfeldt
Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement – Dr. Bin Zhao

American Association for the Advancement of Science FellowDr. Robert N. Compton, Dr. Michael J. Sepaniak

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Journal of Chromatography – Dr. Dr Georges A. Guiochon

2010 Southern Chemist Awards – Dr. Jimmy W. Mays

Retiring Faculty – Dr. Jamie L. Adcock, Dr. Fred M. Schell

New FacultyDr. Alexei P. Sokolov