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Department News

Honors Day

The Department of Chemistry was unable to host an in-person Honors Day event this year. The department still recognized the achievements among students, faculty and staff members of the department by distributing awards. Visit to see a complete list of recipients for the 41st Honors Day.

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Mike Kilbey, Professor

Mike Kilbey, Professor

Kilbey’s Research Leadership with ORE

Kilbey wraps up a year of research leadership at UT serving as chair of the Research Council of Faculty Senate and as a Faculty Fellow for Strategic Research Initiatives in the Office of Research and Engagement.

“It was exciting to see the diversity of scholarly work that is ongoing at UT, to connect with faculty and research leaders from across the university, and to be engaged at a time when dynamic changes that impact the research landscape of the university are taking place,” Kilbey said.

Shawn Campagna

Shawn R. Campagna, Professor and Associate Head, UT Department of Chemistry

Campagna Gives Talk for Harvard’s MSI Seminar Series

The Microbial Sciences Initiative (MSI) at Harvard University is an interdisciplinary science program aimed at a comprehensive understanding of the richest biological reservoir of the planet, the microbial world. Shawn Campagna presented a talk for this series titled “Using Metabolomics to Understand the Function of Environmentally Relevant Microbial Consortia.”

Musfeldt Group

Musfeldt Group, 2020

The Musfeldt Group Receives Creativity Extension
The Musfeldt Group provides a very unique opportunity for students with the DMREF team (Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future). DMREF collaboration just won a Creativity Extension on our 4-year, $1.6 M grant. “This year is the highest honor in the Division of Materials Research,” Musfeldt said. “The team received an extra $450,000 for it this year.”

Hazaris Magic of Chemistry Show

Hazari’s Magic of Chemistry Show

Hazari Online

Al Hazari, retired UT chemistry professor, has been conducting experiments on Zoom to teach and inspire chemistry enthusiasts. Hazari has utilized the Zoom platform to teach Forensic Chemistry Camp for middle school students, ORAU workshops, the Harriman Public Library Chemistry Magic Show, NCW magic show, and local WBIR presentations.

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John Larese, Professor

John Larese, Professor

Larese Named ACS Fellow

John Larese, professor in the Department of Chemistry, has been named an 2020 ACS Fellow.

“I have truly benefited by my service to ACS and LSAC and by all of the great individuals who have contributed to my scientific endeavors and career,” Larese said. “I’m especially proud of my effort in leading the science/design/funding case for the VISION Spectrometer at the SNS and the training of future scientists in the use of neutrons and novel materials. Clearly without the support and patience of my wife Maryann and children such pursuits are impossible.”

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T. Ffrancon Williams

Ffrancon Williams

Mourning the Passing of Ffrancon Williams

Thomas Ffrancon Williams was born on January 30, 1928, and passed away on July 18, 2020.

“Francon was a dedicated teacher and outstanding experimental physical chemist,” said Jeffery Kovac, chemistry emeritus professor. “He was an ESR spectroscopist who studied radicals produced by gamma radiation. Ffrancon did some groundbreaking work on cationic polymerization.”

Photo & Caption: Ffrancon Williams