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Aqueous GPC System

Aqueous GPC SystemThe aqueous GPC system consists of a Waters 515 HPLC pump, a Rheodyne model 7725 manual injector with a 10 µL loop, and a Knauer RI detector K-2301. It uses 0.2M NaNO3 in water as eluent with a flow rate of at a flow rate of 0.35mL/min. Data is collected and analyzed using Polymer Labs Cirrus software. The column set installed in this instrument consists of two columns of Tosoh TSKgel Super AWM-H (6mm ID x 15cm, 9µm), along with a TSKgel AW-H guard column (4.6mm ID x 35mm, 23µm). The instrument is calibrated in the molecular weight range of ≈600 up to 1,000,000 Daltons using a set of PEO/PEG standards.

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