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X-Ray Crystallography Facilities


The Department’s X-ray crystallography facilities include an APEX II CCD detector, radiation safety enclosure system, and a SMART APEX II 3-axis system incorporating a fixed-chi stage with a chi angle of approximately 54°, a phi drive with 360° rotation, and a freely rotating omega, with a Mo radiation source.  SHELXTL based refinement software is used.  The instrument also has variable temperature capabilities.

The Department recently acquired a new X-ray facility – Empyrean.


EmpyreanEmpyrean is a multi-purpose research diffractometer that introduces the world’s first 3D detection system, PIXcel3D. Users can switch between application setups in a fast and cost-effective way using PANalytical’s proven PreFIX concept, with no system realignment, and no compromise on the quality of diffraction data.

Empyrean is unique in its ability to measure all sample types on a single instrument, without compromising data quality:

Empyrean can perform preferred orientation (texture) and residual stress analysis using the chi-tilt method. When working with large and heavy samples the 3-axes Empyrean cradle enables analysis of components weighing up to 2 kg. Parallel-beam geometry can be used for the phase identification of rough and irregularly shaped objects.

To learn more about Empyrean: PANalytical

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