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Joshua A. Baccile

Assistant Professor


Research in the Baccile group will leverage the engineering potential of artificial proteins to create and apply soft materials with unique structural, functional, and diagnostic capacities. We will initially focus on three main areas: (1) Measuring protein conformational changes that occur in hydrogels as a result of bulk material deformation and cell traction forces; (2) Characterizing metabolic responses associated with material-guided cell fate; and (3) Engineering nanocomposite artificial protein hydrogels. Central to our research efforts will be a multidisciplinary approach, integrating expertise in protein engineering, bio-organic, cell biology, and analytical chemistry. I aim to foster a group culture where students and postdocs can enjoy collaborative research, intellectual freedom, financial support for both research and travel, and professional development for careers in academia, industry and less conventional choices.


B.S. in Chemistry at SUNY Cortland (2011)
PhD in Chemical Biology at Cornell University (2017)
PostDoc California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Prof. David Tirrell’s lab

Awards and Recognitions

1st Place – Flash Science Competition, Boyce Thompson Institute

Simon Bauer Scholarship Award, Cornell University

NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Fellow, Cornell University

Merck Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry, SUNY Cortland

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award, SUNY Cortland


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    Featured in C&E News, “Fungi make isoquinolines” [link]
    Featured in ScienceDaily [link]
    Featured in Faculty of 1000 [link]
  11. Hind, S.R.; Strickler, S.R.; Boycle, P.C.; Bao, Z.; O’Doherty, I.M.; Baccile, J.A.; Dunham, D.M.; Viox, E.G.; Clarke, C.R.; Vinatzer, B.A.; Schroeder, F.C.; Martin, G.B.; Tomato receptor FLAGELLIN-SENSING 3 perceived flagellin and confers disease resistance. Nat. Plants. 2016, 2, Article number 16128. [doi]
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(* indicates equal contribution)

Contact Information

  • 322 Dabney-Buehler Hall
  • 1416 Circle Drive
  • Knoxville, TN 37996-1600
  • Phone: 865-974-6130
  • E-mail: