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Recruiting Seminars 2023-2024

To schedule a seminar, please contact Jennifer Brown.

  • Joshua Baccile – Organic Chemistry – “Elucidating the Role of Five Carbon Metabolism in Disease”
  • Michael Best – Organic Chemistry – “Lipid Switches and Probes for Liposomal Cell Delivery and Related Biomedical Applications”
  • John Brantley – Organic Chemistry – “Exploring New Platforms and Methods for Soft Polymer Editing”
  • Shawn Campagna – Organic Chemistry – “How Small Molecules Impact the World”
  • Mark Dadmun – Polymer Chemistry – “New Polymeric Materials to Expand Opportunities for 3D Printing”
  • Prof. Thanh Do – Physical/Analytical Chemistry – “Taming Conformational Heterogeneity on Ion Race Tracks”
  • Fred Heberle –Physical Chemistry – “A Raft on Stormy Seas: Using Physical Chemistry to Unlock the Mysteries of Cell Membranes”
  • David Jenkins – Inorganic Chemistry – “NHCs Ligands Two Ways; For Oxidation Catalysis and AU Nanoparticles”
  • Brian Long – Polymer Chemistry – “Harnessing the Power of Light and Polymers to Address Fundamental Challenges in Chemistry and Biology”
  • Viktor Nemykin – Inorganic – “Creating New Electron-Deficient Types of Functional Dyes that are Potentially Useful as Electron Acceptors in Solar Cells”
  • Sharani Roy – Computational Chemistry – “Bridging the pressure gap in theoretical models of gas-solid adsorption”
  • Konstantinos Vogiatzis – Computational & Theoretical Chemistry – – “From Artificial Intelligence to Chemistry: Challenges and Applications”
  • Bin Zhao – Polymer Chemistry – “Macromolecular Brush Materials: From Science to Application”
  • Ziling (Ben) Xue – Analytical Chemistry – “Probing Single-Molecule Magnets and Qubit Candidates for Quantum Information”