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Recruiting Seminar

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University of Tennessee Department of Chemistry Seminars 2021-22

  • Prof. Joshua Baccile – Analytical & Organic Chemistry – “TBA”
  • Prof. Michael Best – Organic Chemistry – mdbest@utk.eduStimuli-responsive liposomes for drug delivery applications using synthetic lipid triggers
  • Prof. Tessa Calhoun – Analytical Chemistry – “Nonlinear Phenomena at the Edge”
  • Prof. Shawn Campagna – Organic Chemistry – “Metabolomics: An Emerging Tool for Chemical Biology”
  • Prof. Mark Dadmun – Polymer Chemistry –  “New Materials to Expand the Opportunities for 3D Printing”
  • Prof. Ampofo Darko – Organic Chemistry – “Principles of Strain in Synthesis and Catalysis”
  • Prof. Thanh Do – Analytical Chemistry – – “Investigate Disease Mechanisms with Mass Spectrometry”
  • Prof. Fred Heberle –Physical Chemistry –”A raft on stormy seas: Using physical chemistry to unlock the mysteries of cell membranes”
  • Prof. David Jenkins – Inorganic Chemistry – “Macrocyclic Tetracarbene Ligands for Oxidation Catalysis”
  • Prof. Mike Kilbey – Polymer Chemistry – “Polyelectrolyte Brushes: All Charged Up with Nowhere to Go”
  • Prof. Brian Long – Polymer Chemistry – “Development of Highly Efficient CO2 Separation Membranes for Carbon Capture and Sequestration”
  • Prof. Viktor Nemykin – Inorganic – “Development and application of new functional dyes for molecular electronics, light-harvesting, and fluorescence imaging”
  • Prof. Konstantinos Vogiatzis – Computational & Theoretical Chemistry – “Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure Theory and Artificial Intelligence
  • Prof. Ziling (Ben) Xue – Inorganic Chemistry – “Chemistry of Transition Metal Complexes.  Reaction Pathways and Chemical Analysis”