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CHEM 501 Seminar

Time & Location

All seminars are hosted in Buehler 300 at 1PM EST.
Light refreshments will be available at 12:45pm in Buehler 511.

Chemistry Seminar Schedule

Note: Schedule subject to changes.

August 24 – Dr. Lisa Fredin, Lehigh University
“Untangling Photodriven Mechanisms Using Computation”

August 31 – Dr. Johnathan Brantley, University of Tennessee
“Exploring New Platforms and Methods for Soft Polymer Editing”

September 7 – Dr. Ampofo Darko, University of Tennessee
“Development of the ‘5th Ligand’ on Dirhodium Paddlewheel Complexes for Catalysis and Sensing Applications:

September 14 – Dr. Quentin Michaudel, Texas A&M University
“Modern Organic Reactions for Precise (Macro)molecular Synthesis”

September 21 – Dr. Yan Xia, Stanford University
“Building and Breaking Macromolecular Ladders to Develop Unusual Materials”

September 28 – Dr. Laura Greene, Florida State University
“The Dark Energy of Quantum Materials”

October 5 – Dr. Jeffrey Rudolf, University of Florida
“Genome Mining for Novel Terpenoids in Bacteria”

October 12 – Dr. Ruotolo, University of Michigan

October 19 – Dr. Neil Ayers, University of Cincinnati
“Synthesis of Emulsion-Templated Polymers for Acoustic Materials”

November 2 – Dr. Tobias Baumgart, University of Pennsylvania
“Biophysical Basis of Fast Endophilin Mediated Endocytosis: Protein Liquid Phase Separation and Membrane Bending”

November 9 – Dr. John Gladysz, Texas A&M University
“From Molecular Gyroscopes to Homeomorphic Isomerization: Molecules that Turn Themselves Inside-Out”

November 16 – Dr. Qisheng Zhang, University of North Carolina
“Chemical Tools to Monitor and Regulate Lipid Signaling Network:

November 30 – Dr. Christopher Ellison, University of Minnesota
“Compatibilizer Design for Mechanical Recycling of Polyolefin-containing Mixed Plastic Waste”