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Chemistry Department Held 2012 Honors Day


CRC Press General Chemistry Award – Russell T. Smith
C. W. Keenan Outstanding General Chemistry Student Award – Emma K. Hollmann
Dr. Lucy E. Scroggie Scholarship – Desta D. Bume
C. A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship – Burton K. Mandrell
East Tennessee Section, ACS, Award – Britta A. Johnson
Hach Foundation Scholarship – Maria C. Owens
Melaven-Rhenium Scholarships – Desta D. Bume, James R. Humble, Karson N. Lurie, Matthew A. Messer, Christopher E. Freye
Honors Chemistry Recognition – Mikhail Androsov, Desta D. Bume, Maria J. DeLucia, Jamie Dreher, Xin Huang, Hunter A. Johnson, Simone Ilia, Nathan Kenner, Genesis N. M. Minter, Andrew P. Moss, Molly E. Payne, Thomas R. Fleming, Hardie V. Sorrels, Elisabeth M. Spratt, Lauren T. Swientoniewski, Andrew G. Taylor, Rachel C. Wooliver
Chancellor’s Honors and Office of Research Summer Internships – David A. Cooper, Christopher E. Freye, Alexander S. McCullough, Andrew P. Moss
Chancellor’s Honors Top Collegiate Scholar – Sean Forrest


Outstanding Service Award – Pamela D. Roach, Beverly Adams Rosenbalm
Carol Moulton ACGS Service Award – James W. Gurley
James F. Green ACGS Service Award – Pamela D. Roach


Second Year Candidacy Award – Brianna C. Hughes
Outstanding Teaching Awards – James F. Patton, Kelly E. Hall
C. W. Keenan Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award – Christopher R. Murdock
Graduate Fellowship for Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry – Steven A. Cramer
Eugene John Barber Fellowship in Physical Chemistry – Peng Chen
Burchfield Burridge Warner Fellowship in Polymer Chemistry – Chaitra V. Deodhar
East Tennessee Section, ACS, Graduate Fellow – Amanda L. May
Gleb Mamantov Graduate Chemistry Scholar – Xiaojun Wang
SAACS Outstanding Chemistry T. A. Award – Naixiong Jin
UT Scholarly Activity Incentive Fund, Research Assistants – Heather M. Bass, Vighter O. Iveri
Joint Institute of Neutron Sciences Fellowships – Seth C. Hunter, Adam E. Imel, George H. Rouvelas
Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry Travel Award – Stefanie A. Bragg
Winners of the Board of Visitor’s Poster Competition – Heidi E. Bostic, Christopher P. Bennett


SAACS Outstanding Chemistry Professor Award – Dr. Jeffrey D. Kovac
Ziegler Professor Announcement – Dr. Bin Zhao
ACS Fellows – Dr. Alan A. Hazari, Dr. Jimmy W. Mays
New Faculty – Dr. Brian K. Long