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Dai Group Published in Nature Communications for Entropy-stabilized Single-atom Pd Catalysts Research

The Dai Lab’s research “Entropy-stabilized single-atom Pd catalysts via high-entropy fluorite oxide supports” was published in Nature Communications. First Author Haidi Xu conducted research in the Dai Lab as a visiting scholar from Sichuan University, China. 

This work explores single-atom catalysts (SACs) as they have demonstrated superior catalytic performance in the catalysis community. Fabricating intrinsically stable SACs on traditional supports remains a formidable challenge, especially under high-temperature conditions.

The Dai Lab propose a new strategy to construct a sintering-resistant Pd single-atom on a novel equimolar high-entropy fluorite oxides (CeZrHfTiLa)Ox (HEFO) as the support by simply mechanical milling with calcination at 900 °C.

Characterization results reveal that single Pd atoms are incorporated into HEFO (Pd1@HEFO) sublattice by forming stable Pd–O–M bonds (M=Ce/Zr/La) compared to Pd-O-Pd (PdOx clusters) bonds of Pd@CeO2 synthesized by the same method with the traditional support, thus exhibiting not only higher low-temperature CO oxidation activity but also outstanding resistance to thermal and hydrothermal degradation. T

“This work exemplifies the superiority of high-entropy materials for the preparation of SACs,” Xu said.

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