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NMR Facilities

NMR spectrometersThe Chemistry Department is equipped with five NMR spectrometers used in research and teaching:

  • Liquid State Varian VNMRS 600 MHz, with a cold probe. The system is used for multinuclear, multidimensional high-resolution NMR studies.
  • Liquid State Varian VNMRS 500 MHz with a narrow-bore ultra shield plus magnet. The system has three channels and pulsed field gradients.
  • Solid State Varian INOVA 400 MHz, used for solid-state CPMAS and multinuclear, NMR studies.
  • Liquid State and Micro Imaging Bruker Avance 400 MHz, with a wide-bore magnet. It is dedicated to multinuclear and variable temperature high-resolution NMR experiments.
  • Liquid State Varian Mercury Vx 300 MHz. Used in undergraduate and graduate courses; it has 1H, 13C, 19F, and 31P capabilities.

Location: Buehler 216 (Bruker 400), Buehler 665A (Varian 300) and SERF 230 (Varian 400, Varian 500 and Varian 600)

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