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Oxford University Press Releases Kovac’s Book

Jeff KovacOxford University Press has just released the second edition of Jeffery Kovac’s book, The Ethical Chemist. It provides a detailed discussion of professional ethics for chemists based on the view that the specific codes of conduct derive from a three part moral ideal. It also contains a large collection of specific ethical problems that exemplify important ethical issues that are ideal for use in courses or workshops for students or working chemists.

This book has 18 new cases on ethical problems that were not covered in the first edition. Kovac “tried to make the book more useful to industrial chemists by adding more cases raising issues they face in their work. In addition, I have revised many of the original cases to clarify situations that were vague and to enliven the prose to make them more interesting.”

As a Professor of Chemistry and Director of College Scholars, Kovac is the author of over 100 publications including six previous books.


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