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Calhoun Lab Publishes Online Detection Method for Microfluidics

The Calhoun Lab published their article “Total Internal Reflection Transient Absorption Microscopy: An Online Detection Method for Microfluidics” in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Brandon Colon, a graduate student in the Calhoun Lab, is the primary author of this work.

Microreactors have garnered widespread attention for their tunability and precise control of synthetic parameters to efficiently produce target species. Despite associated advances, a lack of on-line detection and optimization methods has stalled the progression of microfluidic reactors.

“Here we employ and characterize a total internal reflection transient absorption microscopy (TIRTAM) instrument to image excited state dynamics on a continuous flow device,” Colon said. “The experiments presented demonstrate the capability to discriminate between different chromophores as well as in differentiating the effects of local chemical environments that a chromophore experiences.”

This work presents the first such on-line transient absorption measurements and provides a new direction for the advancement and optimization of chemical reactions in microfluidic devices. 

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