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Chemistry Department Held 2011 Honors Day

2011 Honors DayThe Department of Chemistry held 2011 Honors Day Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 28. Dr. Dub Shults, retired Associate Director of ORNL Analytical Sciences Division and member of Chemistry Board of Visitors attended the event as guest speaker.

First introduced in 1979, Honors Day Awards Ceremony is held annually to recognize outstanding academics, service and teaching in the Chemistry Department. Awards were given to outstanding undergraduates along with general awards and recognitions for achievement and scholarship. Graduate awards were given in specific areas of chemistry as well as overall service, teaching, research and merit awards. Exceptional staff members were recognized for their service to the department. Members of the faculty also enjoyed awards given for their achievements in the way of service, appointments, and prestigious awards.

Guests also attended the event are: Dr. John Sanders, Senior Research Associate at Eastman Chemical Company and member of Chemistry Board of Visitors; Dr.Lee Reidinger, member of the physics faculty and director of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education (CIRE); Cathy Dodge, Senior Director of Development for College of Arts & Sciences and Randy Atkins, Assistant Director of Development for College of Arts & Sciences.

Undergraduate Student Awards

CRC Press General Chemistry Award – Tyler J. Sprouse

C.W. Keenan Outstanding General Chemistry Student Award – Xin Huang

Dr. Lucy E. Scroggie Scholarship – Burton K. Mandrell

C.A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship – Hailey R. Bureau

East Tennesseve Section, ACS, Award – Katherine P. Sharp

Hach Foundation Scholarships – Miranda A. Morelan, Maria C. Owens

Melaven-Rhenium Scholarship – James R. Humble, Rose E. Johnson, Karson N. Lurie

Honors Chemistry Recognition – Thomas M. Beazley, Eric M. Farell, Samuel Goddard, Burton K. Mandrell, Anna K. Manneschmidt, Rachel L. Naramore, Donald B. Pickel, Kelsey P. Tanner, Kyle S. White.

Chancellor’s Honors,Top Collegiate Scholar – Katherine P. Sharp

Staff Award

Outstanding Service Award – Traymon Allen, Gary L. Wynn

Graduate Student Awards

Carol Moulton ACGS Service Award – Traymon Allen, Jue (Rachel) Rui

First Year Acheivement Awards – John D. Auxier, Chunhui Bao, Yundi Gan, Andrew N. Mabe, Yilin Wang

Second Year Candidacy Awards – Steven A. Cramer, Vighter O. Iberi, William M. Kochemba

Outstanding Teaching Awards – Teresa B. Kirchner, Adam B. Pippin

C.W. Kennan Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award – Heather M. Bass

Judson Hall Robertson Graduate Award in Analytical Chemistry – Rebecca B. Horton

Jerome Eastham Graduate Fellowship in Organic Chemistry – Amanda L. May

Burchfield Burridge Warner Graduate Fellowship in Polymer Chemistry – Jeremiah W. Woodcock

Eugene John Barber Fellowship in Physical Chemistry – Qi (Charles) Sun

East Tennessee Section, ACS, Graduate Fellow – Sabrina M. Wells

Gleb Mamantov Graduate Chemistry Scholar – Jessica R. Gooding

Buehler Fellowships – Jessica R. Gooding, Andrew S. Hicks, Belinda S. Lady

SAACS Outstanding T.A. Chemistry Award – Kim M. Nelson

Faculty Awards

SAACS Outstanding Chemistry Professor AwardDr. George W. Kabalka

Ziegler Professor of ChemistryDr. Robert N. Compton

Chancellor’s Honors

Research and Creative Achievement – Dr. Ben Xue

Excellence in Academic Outreach- Dr. Jeffrey D. Kovac

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