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Chemistry Department Held 2013 Honors Day

2013 Honors DayThe Chemistry Department held its 2013 Honors Day on April 29 in Buehler Hall 555 to honor students, staff and faculty members for their academic achievements, service to the department as well as their teaching and research achievements. Dr. Arlene Allen Garrison, Vice President of the Oak Ridge Associated Universities, attended the event as the guest speaker.


  • CRC Press General Chemistry Award – Beini Chen
  • C. W. Keenan Outstanding General Chemistry Student Award – Sara A. Stein
  • Dr. Lucy E. Scroggie Scholarship – Russell T. Smith
  • C. A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship – Desta D. Bume
  • East Tennessee Section, ACS, Award – Burton K. Mandrell
  • Hach Foundation Scholarship – Maria C. Owens
  • Melaven-Rhenium Scholarships – Desta D. Bume, Christopher E. Freye, Karson N. Lurie, Brittany L. Skyberg, James R. Smith, Russell T. Smith, Benjamin T. White
  • Honors Chemistry Recognition – Zachary R. Austin, Nathan P. Crilly, Phoebe E. Fogelman, Phillip Mingola, Robert W.    Pedersen, Eric J. Oberding
  • Chancellor’s Honors and Office of Research Summer Internships – Nicholas A. DiLoreto, Andrew P. Moss, Alexander C. Parrott, Brian R. Poore
  • Chancellor’s Honors Extraordinary Academic Achievement – Rachel Naramore
  • Chancellor’s Honors Extraordinary Professional Promise – Burton K. Mandrell
  • Office of Undergraduate Research EURēCA Award – Desta D. Bume


  • Outstanding Service Award – James A. Murphy, Linda C. Sherman
  • Carol Moulton ACGS Service Award – Art D. Pratt
  • James F. Green ACGS Service Award- Rachel Rui


  • Second Year Candidacy Award – Samuel M. Rosolina, Hubert K. Turley
  • Outstanding Teaching Awards -Tanei J. Ricks, Brian E. Sundahl
  • Judson Hall Robertson Fellowship in Analytical Chemistry – Vighter O. Iberi
  • Graduate Fellowship for Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry – Christopher R. Murdock
  • Jerome Eastham Fellowship in Organic Chemistry – Yundi Gan
  • East Tennessee Section, ACS, Graduate Fellow – Peng Chen
  • Joint Institute of Neutron Sciences Fellowships – Seth C. Hunter
  • Eastman Chemical Company Fellowship Award – Weiyu Wang
  • Winners of the Board of Visitor’s Poster Competition – Vighter O. Iberi, Tara M. Michels-Clark


  • NSF Career Award – Dr. Jon P. Camden, Dr. David M. Jenkins
  • Chancellor’s Award for Interdisciplinary Research – Dr. George K. Schweitzer
  • College of Arts & Sciences: Junior Faculty Research and Creative Achievement Award – Dr. Jon P. Camden
  • Extraordinary Service to the College as Director of the Govenor’s School for Science and Engineering (1994-2012) and Science Olympiad State Tournament (2008-2012) – Dr. Jeffrey D. Kovac
  • Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation: Faculty of the Year for professor/instructor for outstanding academic instruction and service – Dr. Christiane Barnes
  • American Association for Advancement in Science Fellows – Dr. Jimmy W. Mays, Dr. Alexei P. Sokolov
  • American Chemical Society Fellow – Dr. David C. Baker
  • New Faculty – Dr. Steven R. Neal
  • Gleb Mamantov Professorship in Chemistry – Dr. Jon P. Camden
  • Ziegler Professor Announcement – Dr. Michael D. Best