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Chemistry Faculty and Students Lauded at Chancellor Honors Banquet

The Chancellor’s Honors Banquet is held each spring to recognize students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Tennessee for their extraordinary achievements. The 2014 banquet was held April 23rd at the University Center. Following are the chemistry faculty and students who received this year’s honors.

2014 Alumni Public Service Award

Science is for students ages two to 102 — that’s the motto of Al Hazari. A lecturer and director of the undergraduate chemistry laboratories, Hazari is a champion for science. His chemistry “magic shows” have been enjoyed by countless kids and adults for over twenty-two years. It started with grant from the American Chemical Society, which allowed him to visit local schools to demonstrate hands-on activities. Since then, hundreds of people of all ages have flocked to see Hazari demonstrate the wonders of chemistry. The real magic in the shows comes from his presentation, which brings an element of fun and excitement that many people would not associate with a scientific lecture. A fixture in the Knoxville community, Hazari has presented for schools, museums, civic organizations, assisted-living facilities, and organizations reaching underserved groups. The American Chemical Society has recruited him for their national speaker tour, so he now presents throughout the United States.

2014 Research and Creative Achievement—Professional Promise

Jon Camden, assistant professor of chemistry, is pioneering plasmon imaging studies of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, or SERS, a technique that enhances light-particle scattering either by molecules adhering to rough metal surfaces or by nanostructures. In this rapidly expanding field, his research is providing solid connections between experiment and theory, which will advance fundamental understanding of SERS enhancement mechanisms. He has developed a comprehensive research program, and his group has imaged structures with single molecule SERS activity and, through experiment and electrodynamic calculations, established conditions of electron activation of SERS hot spots.

Extraordinary Professional Promise – Jonathan K. Fong, Andrew P. Moss