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Chemistry of Learning: Machines and Humans

New courses the Department of Chemistry is offering:

Artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly changes many aspects of chemical sciences, from drug discovery, material design, and the discovery of new reactions and molecules till the acceleration of computer sciences and robotics for chemical applications. In Fall 2021, Dr. Vogiatzis will be teaching Machine Learning for Chemical Applications (CHEM420). This course will cover the key aspects of AI and modern chemoinformatics and how they are applied on chemical sciences.
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In the Spring 2022, students may register for Chemistry of the Brain (CHEM340) with Dr. Sharma. This course will be an overview of basic principles of neuroscience with a focus on the function of key neurochemicals and their receptors. Topics include the chemical bases for neuronal membrane transport, electrical excitability, and ion channels; axonal transport; energy metabolism; synaptic transmission; cellular signaling; Ca2+ homeostasis; neurotransmitters; oxidative stress; apoptosis and necrosis; application of neurochemical principles to the molecular bases of neurodegenerative disorders. Co-Requisite: Organic Chemistry. For more information on this course please email