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Dai Group Published and Front Cover in ChemSusChem

The Dai lab just published an article in ChemSusChem and the article was featured on the front cover of the journal.

Their research investigates how lithium ion batteries (LIBs) dominate the market for portable electronic devices, limited energy and power density of LIBs offered by conventional electrodes hindered their application for electric vehicles. In order to offer a viable solution to this problem, the group has developed a direct fluorination method to form highly pure oxyfluoride electrode materials that have better electrochemical performances.

With this idea, a novel approach for converting 2D Mxene to 2D TiOF2 with enhanced electrochemical stability and energy density via direct fluorination using elemental fluorine is reported for the first time. 2D TiOF2 offers increased capacity, rate capability and long cycling stability due to its unique layered structure comparing to conventional TiOF2

Graduate research assistant, Bishnu Thapaliya, explains, “In this work, we demonstrated that direct fluorination of Mxene results a hybrid metal-carbon oxyfluoride with enhanced electrochemical performance compared to traditional oxyfluoride. Therefore, we believe this novel approach opens a new avenue for the development of many 2D hybrid metal-carbon oxyfluoride materials that can be applied to broader materials research.”

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