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Dai Lab Publishes Study in Nature Communications

Members of the Dai Lab, a Department of Chemistry lab headed by Professor Sheng Dai, recently published an article titled “Mechanochemical synthesis of pillar[5]quinone derived multi-microporous organic polymers for radioactive organic iodide capture and storage” in the Nature research journal Nature Communications.

Members of the Dai Lab studied porous organic polymers (POPs), high surface area materials with sponge-like qualities. These POPs can be easily designed and constructed at molecular levels.

The incorporation of supramolecular macrocycles with the reservation of their cavities into porous organic polymers may endow the material with enhanced uptake of specific guests through host−guest interactions,” said Kecheng Jie, a post-doctoral research associate working with the lab. “This work demonstrates not only a new synthetic pathway to porous polymers but also the superiority of the incorporation of a supramolecular host into porous polymers for guest uptake.”

Written by Kelly Alley

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