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Dai Lab Publishes Study on High-Entropy Perovskite Fluorides

Members of the Dai Lab, a Department of Chemistry lab headed by Professor Sheng Dai, recently published an article titled “High-Entropy Perovskite Fluorides: A New Platform for Oxygen Evolution Catalysis” in the Journal of The American Chemical Society.

Members of the Dai Lab focus their research projects on the synthesis and characterization of functional materials for energy-related applications, including electrical energy storage.

This study highlights oxygen evolution reactions (OERs) and the beneficial uses of high-entropy perovskite fluorides (HEPFs) in oxygen evolution catalysts.

“The oxygen evolution reaction is a critical process for many energy storage options, such as water splitting and metal-air batteries,” said Tao Wang, a post-doc working with the lab.

HEPFs consisting of cost-effective elements can act as excellent catalysts for OREs in an alkaline medium.

“HEPFs can provide a new platform for oxygen evolution catalysis,” Wang said. “Moreover, the flexible synthesis of HEPFs in a boiled solution combining the hydrothermal method with mechano-chemistry, provides a new concept for the low-temperature synthesis of high entropy materials.”

Written by Kelly Alley

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