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Department Welcomes New Faculty Member

Fred Heberle Aug. 2019
Photo by Steven Bridges

Fred Heberle joined the Department of Chemistry as an assistant professor. Heberle comes from a small town in eastern Montana, and earned his PhD at Cornell University in the lab of Gerald Feigenson. Heberle spent five years in the Neutron Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for his postdoctoral research and is a PI on an NSF grant for the study of asymmetric membranes. 

Our lab uses biophysical, biochemical, and computational methods to answer fundamental questions about biomembrane structure and organization,” Heberle said. “We use model systems spanning a vast range of complexity, from simple liposomes made from a single type of lipid, to multicomponent vesicles with engineered lipid asymmetry, to the plasma membrane of a living cell itself. We use techniques ranging from calorimetry, to fluorescence, to neutron and X-ray scattering.”