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Do Lab Published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

The Do Group’s research combines ion-mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS), mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), and computational modeling to bring a chemical physics outlook to problems of broad chemical interest. 

The group recently published their work “Selective host–guest chemistry, self-assembly and conformational preferences of m-xylene macrocycles probed by ion-mobility spectrometry mass spectrometry” in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

 The group demonstrates ion-mobility spectrometry mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) as a powerful tool for interrogating and preserving selective chemistry including non-covalent and host–guest complexes of m-xylene macrocycles formed in solution. 

Their experiments collectively unravel multiple facets of macrocycle chemistry including conformational flexibility, self-assembly and ligand binding; all in one analysis. Their findings illustrate an inexpensive and widely applicable approach to investigate weak but important interactions that define the shape and binding of macrocycles.