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Iberi Gave Talk at Rose-Hulman

Iberi Gave Talk at Rose-HulmanVighter Iberi, a fifth year graduate students in Professor Camden’s group, gave a talk at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on September 25th. Iberi was invited by his undergraduate chemistry professor Peter Adcock, currently a Visiting Professor of Chemistry at Rose-Hulman.

Both faculty and students from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Rose-Hulman attended Iberi’s talk on Plasmonics. Plasmonics is the study of the response of the free electrons in metallic nanostructures to the electric fields from light or fast-moving electrons. Part of the research done in the Camden group focuses on correlating plasmons excited by planewaves with plasmons excited by swift electrons, from the exact same nanostructure. The talk was well-received by faculty members and generated interests among students.

“It was a good experience; the students and faculty members were very welcoming.” Iberi said, “I learned the importance of being able to adjust a very technical talk to an audience with limited knowledge of one’s area of expertise; a fact that was highlighted by one of the professors after the talk. The experience would be beneficial in future presentations for job interviews.”

Originally from Nigeria, Iberi earned his Bachelor Degree of Science from the Campbellsville University in 2008. His current research area is based on the correlated study of plasmonic nanostructures with optical and electron microscopy.