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Jenkins Group Paper Highlighted in RSC Blog

In picture (from left): Zheng Lu, David Jenkins, Alan Cramer

In picture (from left): Zheng Lu, David Jenkins, Alan Cramer

The Jenkins Group published a paper entitled “Exploiting a Dimeric Silver Transmetallating Reagent to Synthesize Macrocyclic Tetracarbene Complexes“in Chemical Science. The paper was also highlighted in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Chemical Science blog.

The paper, co-authored by Zheng Lu, Alan Cramer and David Jenkins, showcases a general synthetic method to prepare macrocyclic tetracarbenes with first, second and third row transition metals from both sides of the periodic table, using a dimeric silver transmetallating reagent. These silver transmetallation reactions demonstrate a generalized process, wider metal variety, and higher product yields than other typical synthetic methods for preparing polydentate carbene complexes.  Their synthetic advance lifts these intriguing compounds out of the realm of curiosities and opens up avenues to their future study and application.

Chemical Science, published by RSC Publishing is a journal for findings of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences. This monthly journal launched in 2010 and was awarded The Best New Journal 2011 by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.