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Carlos A. Steren

Research Associate III , Director of NMR Core Facilities


Dr. Carlos A. Steren received his Ph.D. in physics in 1990 at the University of Rosario, Argentina. After a postdoctoral stay at the University of Massachusetts in Boston (1992-1995), he joined the National Laboratory of Solid State NMR at the University of Córdoba in September 1995. From 2002 until 2006, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2006, Dr. Steren is the director of the NMR facilities at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His main research activities included protein structure elucidation by NMR, the study of elastomers by solid-state NMR, development of NMR hardware for low-field NMR, and pulsed and continuous-wave electron paramagnetic resonance.


Ph.D., University of Rosario, Argentina (1990)


Atomic View of Aqueous Cyclosporine A: Unpacking a Decades-Old Mystery. Limbach,M.N., Antevska,A., Oluwatoba,D.S., Gray,A.L.H., Carroll,X.B., Hoffmann,C.M., Wang,X., Voehler,M., Steren,C.A., Do,T.D., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144(28), 12602-12607 (2022).

Structural Flexibility of Cyclosporine A is Mediated by Amide Cis-Trans Isomerization and the Chameleonic Roles of Calcium. Gray, A.L.H., Steren, C.A., Haynes,I.W., Bermejo, G.A., Favretto,F., Zweckstetter, M., Do, T.D. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 125(5), 1378-1391 (2021).

Manganese tetraphenylporphyrin bromide and iodide. Studies of structures and magnetic properties Bone, A.N.; Stavretis, S.E; Krzystek, J.; Liu, Z.; Chen, Q.; Gai, Z.; Wang, X.; Steren, C.A., Powers, X.B.; Podlesnyak, A.A.; Chen, X-T; Telser, J.; Zhou, H.; Xue Z-L. Polyhedron Volume: 184 UNSP 114488 (2020).

Syntheses and characterization of heptacoordinated Group 4 amidinate complexes Cook, T. M., Steren, C.A., Xue, Zi-Ling. Dalton Transactions, 47(32), 11030-11040 (2018).

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