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Professor Mays Named PMSE Fellow

Jimmy Mays, Professor of Polymer Chemistry, was named a PMSE FellowJimmy Mays, Professor of Polymer Chemistry, was named a PMSE Fellow by the American Chemical Society (ACS), Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering.

The PMSE Fellows Program was established since 2000 to honor a small percentage of PMSE members who have made significant contributions to the science and engineering of polymeric materials.

Mays is internationally recognized as a leader in synthesis of polymers and copolymers having tailored architectures. He is presently involved in synthesis of tailored polymers for such diverse applications as new and improved rubbers, low cost fuel cell membranes, and improved polymer-based batteries.

Mays received his B.S. degree in polymer science from the University of Southern Mississippi and his Ph.D. degree in polymer science at the University of Akron. He then worked in industry for five years with Hercules, Inc., prior to joining the chemistry faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Mays moved to Tennessee in 2002 to accept a joint appointment at the University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

October last year, Mays was  honored with the 2011 Outstanding Alumni Award for leadership in polymer research and development at the University of Akron.

The twelfth class of PMSE Fellows will be inducted at the San Diego ACS National Meeting during the PMSE/Poly Awards Reception on Wednesday night, March 28, 2012.