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Sharma Lab Published in Analyst

The Sharma Raman lab is an interdisciplinary research group working in the areas of Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Biology, and Materials Science. The group focuses on probing and characterizing the underlying chemistry and physics of biological processes. The long range research goal of the group is the use of innovative Raman spectroscopic methods to create new approaches to understand biology. Specifically, we are developing methods for early detection of disease (both in vitro and in vivo detection), as well as methods for chemical and biological sensing.

The Sharma Lab published their work “Raman spectroscopy and neuroscience: from fundamental understanding to disease diagnostics and imaging” in Analyst

Neuroscience would directly benefit from more effective detection techniques, leading to earlier diagnosis of disease. The specificity of Raman spectroscopy is unparalleled, given that a molecular fingerprint is attained for each species. It also allows for label-free detection with relatively inexpensive instrumentation, minimal sample preparation, and rapid sample analysis. This review summarizes Raman spectroscopy-based techniques that have been used to advance the field of neuroscience in recent years.