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Two Journal Covers from the Sokolov Group

The Sokolov Group’s primary focus of research on dynamics of soft materials, including dynamics of biological macromolecules, and nano-composite materials.

Their recent publication “Correlation between the temperature evolution of the interfacial region and the growing dynamic cooperativity length scale” was featured on cover of The Journal of Chemical Physics. They presented an analyses that revealed a clear correlation between the temperature dependence of the characteristic relaxation time, ln(τα(T)/τ0), and the interfacial layer thickness, Lint(T), in nanocomposite materials.

The group also published their work “Perspectives for Polymer Electrolytes: A View from Fundamentals of Ionic Conductivity” which was on the cover of Macromolecules. This research analyzes fundamental mechanisms controlling ionic conductivity and suggests design of novel polymer electrolytes with enhanced conductivity.