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Weiyu Wang Received Eastman Fellowship

Weiyu WangWeiyu Wang, a chemistry graduate student in Professor Mays‘ group received 2013 Eastman Chemical Company Summer Fellowship.Established in 2001, the fellowship was designed to assist students in their research as well as help Eastman identify top performers who are in the early stages of their graduate careers.

Each year, selected universities are requested to submit nominations of students and encourage them to apply. A team of scientists from Eastman then rank all of the received applications and award either travel grant or full fellowship to several applicants. Wang received one of the three nation-wide full fellowship this year.

“Weiyu stood out as a candidate because the team felt he was a rising star.” Dr. Peter Chapman, Eastman Senior Chemist commented, “At this early stage in his career, he already has contributions to 3 publications.  He also is developing himself to have a very broad knowledge of polymer synthesis and characterization techniques.  Based on his early career performance, the team felt that Weiyu has a lot of potential as scientist.”

While excited to receive the fellowship, Wang is thankful for all the help he received from his mentors and staff in the Chemistry Department. “I’m sincerely grateful to Dr. Mays and Dr. Kilbey for the support they give to me and also Mr. Tom Malmgren for his help of polymer characterization.” said Wang.

Born and raised in a small town Baiyin in northwest of China, Wang attended Hunan University as a chemistry undergraduate student in 2007 and started research during his undergraduate studies. He participated in two projects in the field of Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy and gold nanoparticles and co-published three papers in different journals. After graduation in 2011, Wang applied to the University of Tennessee Knoxville and joined Professor Mays‘ research group. His research is now focusing on the project “Role of chain microstructure and branching on solution and thin film phase behavior”.

Previous recipients of Eastman Chemical Company Summer Fellowship from UT

  • 2008 –  Michael Gilbert    Full Fellowship  (Dr. Frank Vogt)
  • 2011 –  Rebecca Horton   Travel Grant  (Dr. Frank Vogt)
  • 2012 –  Christ Bennett      Travel Grant   (Dr. Jon Camden)
  • 2013 –  Weiyu Wang       Full Fellowship  (Dr. Jimmy Mays)