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Xiaojun Wang Receives ACS Travel Award

Xiaojun WangChemistry graduate student Xiaojun Wang in Professor Mays Group is selected as one of two recipients of American Chemical Society (ACS) Graduate Travel Award to attend 2012 ACS National Meeting in San Diego.

This Travel Award is sponsored by the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry’s Membership Committee. Each year, the Committee provides funding for two polymer graduate students to travel to ACS National Meeting and present their research results.

Wang will be delivering a presentation entitled “Microstructure Effects on Self-assembly of Polystyrene-b-Sulfonated Poly(cyclohexadiene)” to address an unexplored issue regarding self-assembly behavior of strong electrolyte block copolymers derived from dienes.

Wang is very excited for receiving this award. “I felt very excited and honored,” he said. “That means recognition of my research among all the applicants. And I am very grateful to my advisor, Prof. Jimmy Mays, who has supervised my research, fully supported this travel award application and gave me a strong recommendation.”

Wang obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Material Science and Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology and a Master degree in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics at Fudan University. He joined Prof. Jimmy Mays’ group in 2007 to pursue his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry.

Wang’s research mainly focuses on synthesis of well-defined linear and branched polymers by anionic polymerization, post-modification, morphological study of sulfonated and fluorinated polymers, and self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers in aqueous system.

With full devotion to his research, Wang had first-authored and co-authored multiple publications in Soft Matter, Biomacromolecules and European Polymer Journal. Currently, he is working on an invited review for Soft Matter, collaborating with researchers at Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Wang is also recently selected the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium which will take place at the ACS Sandiego meeting starting on Sunday, March 25, 2012.