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Jenkins Group Published in Chemical Science

The Jenkins Lab published their research “Statistical copolymer metal organic nanotubes” in the journal Chemical Science. Graduate student Jacob Barrett co-authored the publication.

Metal–organic nanotubes (MONTs) are 1-dimensional crystalline porous materials that are formed from ligands and metals in a manner identical to more typical 3-dimensional metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). MONTs form anisotropically in one dimension making them excellent candidates for linker engineering for control of chemical composition and spacing.

A novel series of MONTs was synthesized utilizing a mixture of 1,2,4-ditriazole ligands containing both a fully protonated aryl moiety and its tetrafluorinated analog in ratios of, 0 : 1, 1 : 4, 1 : 1, 4 : 1, and 1 : 0, respectively. All MONTs were characterized by both bulk and nanoscale measurements, including SCXRD, PXRD, ssNMR and TEM, to determine the resulting co-polymer architecture (alternating, block, or statistical) and the ligand ratios in the solid materials.

All characterization methods point towards statistical copolymerization of the materials in a manner analogous to 3D MOFs, all of which notably could be achieved without destructive analytical methods.